Handy Kitchen Hints

These are the tips and tricks I have collected in the last few years and have used them in my Kitchen, thought to post them. Will keep updating as and when I find something useful.
  • To preserve the colour of spinach and ladyfingers/Okra, add one fourth tsp of Vinegar as soon as the dish is prepared.
  • To Keep 'Celery' fresh longer, wrap it in a piece of aluminium foil before putting it in the fridge.
  • Green Chillies can be stored longer if kept in an air tight bottle with a dash of turmeric added to it. Keep it in a cool place and dry place.
  • Microwave garlic pods for three seconds.They will pop out of their skins in no time.
  • To avoid stickiness in the ladyfingers. add limejuice as soon as they are cut.The veggie will become nice and crisp.
  • If vegetables are not fresh, add a little lemon juice to a pot of cold water and soak the veggies for an hour.They will become fresh again.
  • To remove bitterness from Fenugreek/Methi/Uluwa leaves, add a tsp of sugar when the vegetable is almost cooked.
  • To store "Ginger" for a long time, just sow them in soil. It will keep nice and fresh for month and will also grow.
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