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With two adorable and loving kids at home, I always aim at serving them the healthiest possible food but with my hectic schedule always felt short of time to explore the different healthy options available in and around my world.

My kids, a 5 year old son and 1 and half year old daughter inspired me to dive into the world of healthy, wholesome and nutritious foods and to get cooking, something I used to enjoy when I was in my college, to experiment with recipes my mom wasn't familiar with, especially the crunchy munchy North Indian mouthwatering snacks.

And to cater to my kid's taste buds that expected me to serve them with the most delicious food, I came up with the idea off coming up with a blog to share all the tips and tricks and recipes,  I experiment at my kitchen at my spare time for the best interest of my family.

I also intend to introduce them to the South Indian cuisines my loving mama used to and still prepare for us whenever we visit her. I would also like to share the most delicious and tasty Kerala delicacies my grandma used to prepare for us. For me she was the best cook in the world.

 Thus I wish this blog to turn into a platform where mothers like me, who as kids were exposed to both worlds of North Indian and South Indian cuisines can share their culinary expertise and at the same time relive their "Ma ke haath ja jado" (Mama's magic) while now trying them out for their own kids.

Oh how can I forget to write about my husband, who is a complete foodie himself, expects to be served delicious dishes as far as possible. And yes he too is very good at experimenting with sweets, so I shall be blogging that as well along with all that I would try in my kitchen.

I would try to share all the recipes I have learnt or get to learn from my mom, my aunts, mother-in law, my friends, from cookery shows and cookery books by giving due credit to the source of the recipe.

Keep visiting the blog for all the tried and tested recipes. I sincerely hope that you find the recipes worth trying , healthy and nutritous.

I would keenly look forward to your valuable suggestions, comments, experiences and feedback, that would keep me motivated to continuously explore this colourful world of vegetables, fruits, cereals etc etc... to cater to you all delicious and healthy recipes through this blog.
So please pour in your comments. You could also subscribe to this blog.

Thankyou for taking time out and visiting my blog...


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