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Watermelon Grapes Parfait


Watermelon-grapes parfrait
I have been waiting for Summer to start for many a reasons and one amongst them is that I wanted to try "Parfait" the simplest and delicious dessert/breakfast, ever since I had read about it last November, when it was very very cold out here and hence I didnt try it out then, as one of the main ingredients of any type of Parfait is "Yougurt/Curd" which we avoid including in our diet during winter.

"Parfait" a French dessert is prepared using thick creamy yougurt coupled  with different kinds of fruits and nuts/granola arranged in different layers.

Parfait means Perfect!!!!! and yes its a perfect dish to start your day with. It's not just healthy and delectable but very easy to make as well. And since my kids love to have curd at any time of the day, I desperately wanted to make this for them and what better time than summer, when I have planned to serve them all healthy and nutritious dishes in an attractive and kids friendly manner.
I have used watermelon and grapes coupled with  readymade thick creamy yogurt and strawberry pulp in different layers to get that colourful inviting look and I must say this time, I didn't have to help my kids start or finish it off, they were willingly helping themselves and to my utter surprise my son wanted another glass of Parfait.
One can use any kind of fruits, yogurt and granula to make this easiest dessert in few mins, if you have all the items ready. And I have decided to involve my kids to prepare another version of "Parfait" next time, as its that simple.

So here gets another item added into their summer menu list.

Preparation time : 10 mins     
Serves                    : 2 persons  
Ingredients                                                 Quantity                                    
Watermelon diced                                          : 1/2 cup
Grapes  diced                                                   : 1/4 cup    
Strawberry pulp                                              : 6 tsp                                           
Non fat vanilla yogurt                                    : 1 cup
Honey                                                                : 4 tsp
Cornflakes                                                        : 1/4 cup
Preparation Method :                                                                                     
  • Take a  serving glass,fill the bottom of the glass with desired amount of yogurt to form the first layer.
  • Then pour 2 tsp of strawberry pulp over the first layer and top it with diced green grapes to form the second layer. Pour  another 2 tsp of strawberry pulp over it
  • Again fill it up with enough sweetned yogurt to form the third layer.
  • Now top the last layer of yogurt with diced watermelon.
  • Keep on creating layers of fruits and yogurt till it reaches the top of the glass.
  • Decorate it with Crunchy corn flakes or nuts just before serving.
  • You can chill it if required.
  • If you are using home made curd then hang the curd for an hour in a muslin cloth to drain the excess water.
  • Add 1-2 tsp of vanilla essence into home made curd to get the flavour.
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  1. Looks too good. Had Parfait earlier with ice cream as the base. This one is a healthier option. Keep it up chechi!!!

  2. Thanks Smita..Glad that you liked it. Yes ice cream can also be used as the base but then that doesnt make a healthy breakfast or snack..

  3. oh the color combo is pretty and picture perfect... wish I could grab one of them!!! delicious an dvery tempting... Thanks for linking it to my event!! Looking for more yummy recipes!!
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    Event - Kid's delight - Sweet Treats

  4. looks so good !! colour and fat free... thanks for linking this and many more to the event ..


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