Monday, 22 October 2012

Sabudana/Sago Khichdi

First of all 'Wish you all a very Happy Navratri"!!!!!!!!!!!. 

It's time again to lose yourself in Garba dance all decked up. Navratri(Nine nights) marks the onset of autumn and is a festival of worship, dance and music.

During Navratri, people who fast have foods that are restricted during fasting. Sabudana/Sago Kheer and khichdi  are two such items that are the favorites of people who fasts, especially in Maharashtra.

I first got to taste Sabudana/Sago khichdi when I was in college,but I tried it only after marriage as I came to know that its one of favourite items for fast/Vrat/Vratam.
And I really like Sabudana khichdi with potato. Initially I used to find it difficult to prepare Khichdi without it being a little mushy but gradually I have mastered it. This dish is a real satisfying meal with slight sweetness-spice and tanginess. I am sure you would enjoy making it  as much, as you would love having it.

Ingredients                                               Quantity                                                   
Sabudana (Sago/Javarisa)                      : 1 cup
Potato                                                             : I medium size(Chopped as small cubes)
Chillies                                                            : 1-2
Salt                                                                    : As per taste
Sugar                                                               : 1 tsp
Roasted Peanuts                                           : 1/2 cup

Preparation Method :                                                                                                    
  • Wash Sabudana/sago/Javaris and depending upon the size, soak large pearled for 5-6 hours or overnight and the small ones for half an hour. Soak them with enough water to cover it.
  • After 5-6 hrs or in the morning if soaked overnight, press them with your finger to see if its ready to be used. Sabudana pearls should have turned soft and you should be able to press it. but it should not get disintegrated.
  • Take a sieve and drain the sabudana very well lest it gets mushy while cooking.Keep it aside so that the water gets completely drained.
  • In a mixer/Food processor, grind the roasted peanuts to fine powder .
  • Heat  1-2 tsp oil/ghee in a Wok/Kadai, add 2tsp of roasted groundnut, green chillies and saute for 2 mins , add the chopped potato into it , add a pinch of salt and mix well. Saute till potato gets cooked .
  • Now add the sabudana into the above mix ,toss it quickly with the remaining ingredients.

  • Add the powdered groundnut and mix well , now add the sugar and salt as per taste.
  • In between keep stirring for 5-10 minutes, till you find that the sabudana pearls looks soft and tender.

  • It should not take more than 10 minutes to get cooked.
  • Garnish with Lemon juice (as per taste).

  • You can use the small sized sabudana either but dont soak it for more than 30 mins. care should be taken to add just the required amount of water for it to soak. eg. for I cup sabudana add, 1 and hald cups of water to soak them.
  • Roasted groundnut powder is required to prepare sabudana khichdi with each pearl being separated from each other.
  • You can even use grated cocunut in sabudana khichdi, but I avoid it as I dont like it in Khichdi.
  • If you think the Khichdi looks dry then just sprinkle few drops of water and mix well but be careful not to add too much of water as otherwise it would turn mushy.
  • During fasting, use rock salt.
  • If you wish to prepare this as snacks/breakfast on any other day, then can add onions as well, but saute it properly before you add potato.

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