Friday, 11 January 2013

Oats Dosa

Oats Dosa
Even though Oats dosa, tastes very similar to Rava Dosa, I always wanted to prepare dosa using Oats but due to some or the other reason never gave it a try, and now after trying it for 4-5 times I have kind off mastered it and my famliy loves it .

I also prefer it over plain rice dosas for the simple fact that I get a chance to inlcude Oats in the diet in some or the other form.

The ingredients and the preparation method of Oats dosa is similar to Rava dosa.And I am sure you all will like it as it tastes really good and is a good breakfast item to start the day with.
 Ingredients                                                  Quantity                                                                  
 Oats                                                                     : 1 cup
 Rava                                                            : 1/4 cup
 Rice flour                                           : 1/2 cup
Onion finely chopped                           : 1 medium sized 
Sesame seeds                                   : 1 tsp
Curry Leaves                                      : A few
Chopped Coriander leaves                   : 1-2 tbsp
Green Green chillies                          : 1 finely chopped
Ginger(Finely chopped)                       : 1/2 tsp
Asotefedia/Hing                                   : a pinch
Curd                                                  : 1-2 tsp
Water - As required
Oil - as required
Salt - to taste

Preparation Method:                                                                                      
  • In a Wok/Kadai, dry roast rice powder till a aroma comes. Keep it aside.
  • Similarly dry roast Oats and Rava separately and let them cool.
  • Now in a mixer,grind the Oats to fine powder.
  • In a mixing bowl, add the chopped onion, green chillies,ginger, curd, sesame seeds, hing, curry leaves and coriander, rice flour, oats powder, rava, and salt .Mix all the ingredients very well
  • Add as much water as required to make a thin batter similar to Rava Dosa. Care should be taken while adding water that it should not turn out to be very watery.
  • Keep aside the batter for 5-10 mins.
  • Heat the dosa tava, spread a laddle of batter from the corners of the tawa and reach to the center unlike for rice dosa where in we start spreading it from the middle of the tava to the sides.
  • Drizzle oil and let both the sides turn golden brown .
  • Once done serve it hot with Chutney or Sambhar.

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