Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Poori Sabzi

Poori Sabzi
The schools have re-opened after Christmas vacation and today being the first day , I asked  my son what he would like to have in his tiffin box, with a grin on his face he asked me, Mama can you prepare "Poori sabzi" for me. I obliged to his cute wish as I wanted him to go to School happily, after such a month long vacation. With this wish he had another in line , that I should take the snaps of the poori and have it posted in the blog as I do with other dishes.
He got the camera and there I was taking pics after pics  of pooris with my son ,even though it was getting late for him. When we were done with the photo sessions, he told me that Mom, please upload the pics only when he is back from school. 

So this one is from my loving and adorable son as I never thought that I would post "How to prepare poori sabzi" since according to me its a very simple and common dish made in every Indian household.
Ingredients                                  Quantity                                                                       

Wheat Flour                                    : 3 cups 
Besan/Gram Flour                         : 1-2 tsp                 
Lukewarm Water                           : As required
Oil - to deep fry
Preparation method:                                                                                                         

  • In a mixing bowl, add the flours (Wheat and Gram), salt, 1tsp oil and mix very well.
  • Add the lukewarm water little by little to the above mix and knead the flour to make a firm dough, it should be similar to chapati/roti dough.
  • Heat oil for deep frying.
  • Leave for 10 mins, although one can prepare it instantly also if required.
  • Make equal sized smooth balls from the dough. 
  • Take a ball, apply a drop of oil on it and roll it out into circles with the rolling pin. Make a bit thick pooris . Roll out all the balls and keep aside.
  • Once it is completely immersed in oil press gently with your spatula in the middle, continue pressing until the poori puffs up on all sides.Flip to the other side and fry till golden brown.
  • Remove with a slotted ladle and drain the excess oil. Fry all the remaining pooris in the same way .
  • Serve hot with Aloo-mattar sabzi.

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