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Kerala Idiyappam/String Hoppers

Kerala Iddiyappams
I have always believed that Kerala breakfast dishes, are one of the healthiest ones and quick to make as most of them are steamed with no or little oil being used. One such breakfast item is Kerala "Idiyappam  or String Hoppers", which is one my fav.I am game to have it any time of the day with Kadala curry.

Idiyappam's can be served with variety of side dishes such as Vegetable stew, potato masala curry,chicken curry or egg curry. Its made with roasted rice flour, which can be prepared using pre-soaked rice ground to fine powder.But I have used ready made Nirapara idiyappam rice powder to make the same. But I roasted it for 8-10 mins on low flame till it leaves a nice aroma.

One can also use any rice powder avaliable in the market but do roast it for 5-10 mins before using it.
In order to make idiyappam, use the press used for "Sev" or thin muruku. So lets see how to make this yummy breakfast.

Ingredients                                            Quantity                                                        

Rice flour                                                       : 2 Cups
dessicated Fresh coconut                         : 1/2 cup
Clarified butter/Ghee                               : 1 tsp
Luke warm water                                       : 1 Cup
Salt to taste     

Preparation Method :                                                                                                      
  • Roast the rice flour for 8-10 mins till it leaves sweet aroma and keep aside.
  • In a pan, add the roasted rice flour, salt, ghee and pour the lukewarm water drop by drop and kneed to make smooth dough similar to the dough used for making chapatis/roti. Be careful about the consistency, it should be smooth yet firm, it should neither be watery nor too thick. Keep aside for 5-10 minutes.
  • In the idli pan, bring water to boil.
  • In the idli plates, spinkle little grated coconut into each depression of the plate
  • Fill the Idiyappam maker with the batter, close the lid and hand press the dough into swirls onto the idli plates.
  • Sprinkle little more grated coconut on each of the idiyappams.
  • Now place the plates into the Idli pan and steam cook for 10-15 mins. Once cooked, remove from the flame and let it cool.
  • Serve warm with any side dish such as kadala curry, vegetable stew, chiken or egg curry.
  • You can even have it with sweetened milk as my kids have them.
Please do try Kerala Idiyappam as every kid /adult would love it and its sure shot the best dish to break the fast. Yeah "Breakfast" is called so as it's the first meal of the day after 8 hours of sleep /rest peroid, where in our body repairs and recups itself.


If you wish to use home made rice flour for making "Idiyappams" then please do read ""
at Sharmis Passion. She has explained it very well in step by step manner. Its always good to use homemade ingredients and by following her method, one can have rice powder prepared in large quantity that could be used as and when required.


  1. Preet

    How much warm should the water be to knead the water. And which idiyappam maker did u use as I want to try this out. I like ur way of presenting things .keep up!!!!


  2. yummy dish.It looks tempting. I would love to prepare this for kids and hubby.


  3. @Shalini,

    Thanks. You should use luckewarm water to knead the dough, should not be too hot. I used ezee's idiyappam maker. Will post its picture but u can use the traditional one as well.

    Hope it turns out to be good and everyone at the home love the Idiyappams...:)

  4. @Ritika,,

    Thanks for the encouraging feedback.

  5. Hi

    Can you please post how to prepare Kadala curry as I am a vegetarian and ever since I had Idiyappam with Kadala curry at one of the restuarants in Kerala, I wanted to try this but never gave it a try.

    Now having seen your idiyappam pics, I feel like making pls do post Kerala style "kadala curry recipes".


  6. Hey Nikki,

    I will soon post how to prepare "Kadala curry/Black gram curry" . I am glad that you now intend to make Idiappam with kadala curry. Wont make you wait for long..



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