Thursday, 8 November 2012

Corn fritters

Sweet Corn fritters

I am sure most of us look forward to have sweet corn during rainy season. You would find it readily available anywhere on the streets. Its so nutritious that it should be part of everyone's  diet atleast thrice a week.  
Sweet corns can be used in salads, fritters, vegetable curries, pizzas etc.Sweet corn should be eaten fresh during its immatured stage( Milked stage) as it converts natural sugar to starch as it matures.

 Its available in fresh and canned form, but try to buy the fresh sesonal ones as the canned ones contain preservative which is found to be harmful to health.
Corn fritter is one such item which can be part of your evening snacks or can be served as starters before any meal. I love hot spicy corn fritters but I, prepare it with less spice as my kids prefer that way

Ingredients                                                     Quantity                              
Fresh Sweet Corn                                                 : 2 cups
Maida (white flour)                                              :  4 tsps
Chilli powder                                                        : 1tsp
White vinegar                                                       : 1tsp
Onion finely chopped                                          :   4tsp
Chopped cilantro                                                 : 3-4 tsp

Preparation Method:                                                                                         
  • In a mixer, grind the sweet corn kernels to coarse paste
  • Add salt, maida,chilli powder and onion into the pate and mix all ingredients very well.
  • Heat oil for frying.
  • On a medium flame , fry them in round hape or just pour one spoon each into the the oil. 
  • Fry on medium heat till turn light golden brown and remove the fritters on a kitchen towel.
  • Serve with ketchup.

  • Fritters would turn less oily if few drops of vinegar is added to corn paste.
  • Non vegetarians can use Egg to bind the paste and in that case reduce the quantity of Maida/refined flours.


  1. wow, looks mouth watering!!!!!!! U have amazing collection of recipes ... Love your presentation.

    Will try corn fritters for sure...


  2. Thanks Sakshi.I will surely upload more and more tried delicacies



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