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Kadala Curry(Black Chicpeas/ Chana curry)

Kerala Kadala Curry

Kadala in Kerala refers to "black chicpeas or the dark variety of Kabuli chana. Kerala's Kadala curry is a spicy dish, prepared using different spices, and cooked in roasted fresh coconut gravy.Kerala Kadala curry has a unique and distinctive taste and aroma.

Kadala curry is traditionally had with Kerala breakfast such as 'Idiyappams and Puttu' and Puttu with Kadala curry is an irresistible dish. Every Malayalee loves to have puttu with Kadala curry and I am no exception. It can also be used as side dish with Chapati, roti, Naan etc.

Its one of the best source of protein and fiber to start the day with. So lets see how to prepare this nutritious and healthy curry.

Ingredients                                                             Quantity                                 

 Kala Chana/Black Chickpeas/Kadala                    : 1 cup
 Sliced coconut pieces (thenga kothu )                  : 2 tbsp
 Onion                                                                           : 1 large sliced and chopped
 Tomato                                                                        : 1 chopped
 Red chilli powder                                                           : 1 tsp
 Turmeric powder                                                            : 1/4 tsp
 Green chillies                                                                  : 2 slit
For seasoning:
Mustard seeds                                                                  : 1/2 tsp
Pearl onions                                                                      : 2-3 chopped
Curry leaves                                                                       : A few
Dry red chillies                                                                    : 2
Oil– As required
Salt – To taste

For Gravy
Grated coconut                                                               : 1/2 cup
Coriander powder                                                         : 2 to 3 tsp
Whole pepper corns                                                       : 1/4 tsp
Fennel seeds                                                                    : 1/4 tsp

Preparation Method:
  • Wash the Chana/kadala and soak it overnight.
  • Pressure cook the channa/kadala along with a pinch of turmeric powder and salt.Use 1 or 1 and 1/2 cups of water only. Cook it for 5-6 whistles. Remove from flame and keep aside.
  • In a pan/wok, roast the fennel seeds,Whole pepper corns for 2-3 mins, low down the flame and add the grated fresh coconut and saute till it turns reddish brown.
  • Now add the coriander powder and again saute for 2 mins .Care should be taken that the coconut and coriander powder should not get burned and hence keep stirring.
  • Remove from flame and leave aside and grind it to paste by adding little water once it cools down.
  • In a wok, heat oil, splutter mustard seeds, add the dry chillies,sliced coconut pieces and suate till turns light brown, add curry leaves and chopped onions. Suate till the pearl onion turns light brown,now add turmeric, chilli powder and  add chopped tomato,saute for another 2-3 mins.
  • Add the coconut paste into the pan and also the boiled kadala along with its water.
  • Mix well and cook it for another 5-10 mins on low flame till the gravy gets thick a bit think in consistency.
  • Remove from flame.

Serve it hot with Idiyappam or Puttu.


  • I have used the sprouted chana for preparing Kadala curry but you can use it without letting it sprout.avo
  • You can use coconut oil to get the authentic kerala taste .
  • I have used chopped tomato to get a tangy flavour but one can prepare the curry with out it as well.
  • Although I roasted the ingredients for gravy without using oil, you can use 1 tsp of oil to for same.
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  1. delicious curry... perfect with rice or roti!! Thanks for linking it to my event!! Looking for more yummy recipes!!



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